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About Us

On April 16, 1993, Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. received official recognition by the Mexican Government to become the first environmental non-profit civil association of the region with the special interest in the protection of the marine turtle.  Through the Mexican Government, SEMARNAT (Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources) the Group was granted permission to continue its work along the neighboring beaches. 

The Board of Directors consists of a combination of members including a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other Secretaries to carry out the objectives and goals of the Group.  The Members, Officers, and Board of Directors make up the General Assembly who collectively vote on all business matters.

The Officers of the Board of Directors serve on the Board for two years or are re-elected.  The current Officers of the Group are:

  • Frank D. Smith, Director
  • Maria Elvia García Palomera, Secretary
  • Rocio Martinez Ocegueda, Treasurer
Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol in San Pancho

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in conservation and the ability to attend group meetings on a regular basis.

San Pancho

A view over San Pancho

Financal support to acheive our objectives comes from the sale of the San Francisco Home Directory, T-shirts and public donations, and from on other source. All donations and sales go directly toward the Group's environmental objectives in the most cost effective manner possibler, including, but not limited to our marine turtle program, childrens environmental education, community-beach cleanup, and the preservation of the jungle. If you would like to help through PayPal please click here for more information.

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