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Hola Volunteers, Supporter, and Friends -

We did not expect the last five nests to do so well. At sunset on April 4th, the final 12 hatchlings of the 2001-nesting season were released, nine and a half months after the first releasing on June 23rd, 2001. The higher-than-expected survival of these five nests raised the total count to 40,331 hatchlings released.

The task of selecting next year's volunteers has begun, and twelve possible volunteers were notified by e-mail on the April 19th. The process of selecting candidates is not an easy one, as the large number of hopefuls gets narrowed down to the final twelve. They will carry the responsibility of collecting nests, incubating and releasing thousands of hatchlings. Collectively, the total time adds up to 30 months of volunteer service.

National and multinational land developers press for adoption of what professionals call one of the worst designed environmental land use plan in recent history. At the heart of this ill-designed plan is a singular quest for high-density building that would allow hotels, condominiums, and track homes along the now sparsely populated coast between Punta de Mita and Lo de Marcos, in the State of Nayarit, a continuation of the Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta madness. This plan falls shorts of designing a better system of roads and consideration for native wildlife including adequate open spaces and wildlife corridors both inland and along the coast. Even the last sections of virgin jungle are on the block, slated for high-density Building.

For the homeowners here, who think they are out of this loop, think again. Residents will be dealing with dust and noise as endless construction traffic makes it way through narrow dusty roads, the loss of tranquility, and increasing need for water. If you believe there is nothing you can do to stop this from happening simply because this is not your country, look at it this way. It is the foreign investors and the visitors they attract that are fueling this environmental problems. There are populace here that need your support to correct this problem. and we need your help, E-mail us now!

Frank D. Smith
Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C.


It's not easy to capture an image of the jungle,
or keep it out of the hands of the developers.

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