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Hola Volunteers, Supporters, Friends.

Little bit of a rough start on this nesting season, a local poacher by the name of Gabriel Encarncion Cortes killed a nesting turtle as it made its way up the beach. It is estimated that this individual has killed over 50 marine turtles in his lifetime. In an effort to bring some discomfort to his nighttime activities, we have filed a strong complaint with the proper authorities, Profepa and Samarnat. Some good news, our number-one nest poacher has left town to live in La Paz, Mexico. With luck and without “Yue” around, the other poachers may think twice before going on the beach without his presence.

Five days of gentle rain last week has brought to an end to the dust, smoke, heat, and muggy weather that found its way into even the most sheltered corner of town. Despite the rains, the most evident problem today is the drought. Famished and with little water, cattle have stripped the hills of all signs of nourishment. Beyond the cattle’s hunger and thirst, the real loser is the land. Exposed and pulverized by hooves, the bare slopes are left to the mercy of the summer rains and the ensuing erosion.

Three volunteers are now aboard, Fabioal Mora Cruz of Mexico, Nick Sanders of the United Kingdom, and Claudia Kroberger of the U.S.A., with another fourteen volunteers (no comma) (including children) scheduled for this summer. The last two selected this season just happened to be the first two volunteers selected in 1994, Leora and Les Rohssler of California.

Despite minimal to no sales at the hotel since February 2001, we were able to find enough money for another season. We would like to thank all of you that have contributed and purchased shirts.

Frank D. Smith


Grupo Ecológico de la costa Verde, A.C.

The first strike of lightning within San Pancho
hits the top of palm roof of large appartment
60 feet west of Las Arcos Resturant

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